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Nicotine | Nell Zink
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  • @spasmozine
    RT @CarmotPress: #NICOTINA de #NellZink es una #novelabrutal sobre las #obsesiones de las personas. Obsesionarse con el #amor, el #sexo, ot…
  • @j_a_barrueco
    RT @CarmotPress: #NICOTINA de #NellZink es una #novelabrutal sobre las #obsesiones de las personas. Obsesionarse con el #amor, el #sexo, ot…
  • I've done my time with, and cancelled, more subscription boxes than I can count but I have a suspicion that @readinginheelsuk might be different - who can be disappointed with a recent, carefully-curated paperback plus a selection of lifestyle treats! Jury's out on the "lingerie for legs" though, if it can't stop chub rub then what my friends is the point.
  • @EvelienIsabella
    I could be as coarse and stupid as I wanted, as lovely and poetic as I wanted, and write about anything I damn well…
  • “LOVE the box! Can't wait to start reading!”
  • Super happy mail just arrived!! My first #readinginheels subscription was just delivered and I am so excited!! Not only do I have a great new read but some lovely pamper products and tea and some seriously indulgent looking chocolate!! Thanks @readinginheelsuk, branding looks great and so beautifully packaged!
  • @LisaWeeda
    Bizar om Nell Zink te interviewen in @Athenaeum en dat haar quotes gewoon getweet worden. Hoppa. #NellZink
  • @booksmarcopolo
    Secondo me hai aperto quella porta solo per farli incazzare. Grande #nellzink #nicotina @minimumfax
  • @JarjanF
    By #NellZink, probably true: "If you say you have principles, you've just admitted you have no hope of ever getting rich." I'm doomed...
  • Thank you @readinginheelsuk such a great subscription- awesome idea and beautifully delivered, thoroughly recommend and such extraordinary value! @alicerevel you clever lady. Visit
  • @booksmarcopolo
    È della mia fase curdo-dark. Ora scrivo perlopiù poesie erotiche. #leggereminimum #nellzink #nicotina @minimumfax
  • @susanneschreibt
    #ichschreibe #NellZink Lobe den Tag: Gedanken über Nell Zink und sie selbst
  • @SoManyDamnBooks
    74: @grayamelia! -#Isadora! -dancing vs. sync. swimming! -20 hour editing marathons! -Nicotine by #NellZink! +more!
  • @CarmotPress
    #NICOTINA de #NellZink es una #novelabrutal sobre las #obsesiones de las personas. Obsesionarse con el #amor, el…
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