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Based On A True Story | Delphine de Vigan
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  • “I didn't get very far into this book at all. The main character came across as quite contrived, and there was too much talk of writing and being an author. I didn't warm to her at all and for that reason I wasn't appalled by the manipulative behaviour of L. Nothing in this book grabbed me and I didn't feel that it was unputdownable, in fact I was actually pretty bored by the time I got to page 100. ”
  • “Little slow at times, but really original and unpredictable. ”
  • “I was really pleased to see this book in my box as I'd already looked at in the shops but unfortunately I didn't find it as gripping as I thought I would. It's a good idea but I found it a little slow until about two thirds of the way through. I felt like I only really kept reading it so I could finish it and move onto a new book. As someone else has said maybe it doesn't translate well. I've read another French novel and that was similar in style - quite subtle (perhaps too subtle for me!)”
  • “I'm hoping this is just a case of right book wrong timing, as I struggled to pick it up and want to read it, it nearly put me off reading a different book, though I am a firm believer in reading for joy, it shouldn't feel like a chore. I have decided to not attempt to finish it at the present time. It felt draggy and self-indulgent to me.”
  • “I finished reading this book over a week ago and I still don't quite know what to make of it. I found the book itself frustrating in the way it was written. There are pages dedicated to talking about language and being an author which I found boring to be honest. I started skim reading these pages which is never a good sign. I felt as though I was constantly waiting for something to happen and then when it did, I was left feeling flat. I think it may be the way the book has been translated from French to English - maybe something was lost along the way? ”
  • “Loved reading this, was intrigued as to the author from the outset was it autobiography or fiction. Didn’t want it to end but when it did it made sense The end*”
  • “I couldn't have loved this book any more! The story was genius and completely obsessive. While I found the ending increasingly predictable that didn't make it any less perfect. I want to give this to everyone I know! ”
  • “I've not been able to finish this. I got to page 83 and there hadn't been anything that made me want to keep reading. Really slow starting and I found the language really repetitive. Maybe I'll go back to it at some point but at this time it's not for me. ”
  • So excited! Post! What’s more a mystery, gift wrapped box as my first ‘online book club’ subscription’s arrived. Luckily I just finished my last book, Atwood’s poignant The Handmaid’s Tale, so I can get cracking immediately with Based On A True Story. Not sure the sample chocolate, tea or other goodies will make it to bedtime though... Wish I’d thought of this! @readinginheelsuk
  • “Hi, how is everyone finding the book? I'm about two thirds through. I want to keep reading to find out what happens but am finding L's manipulative behaviour predictable, so far!”
  • “Finished the book in less than 4 days! A beautifully written, gripping and compelling book! I loved the 'slow burning' build up of the plot; the clever confusion; my mind was filled with questions! I couldn't put this book down, after the last page - I literally lost my marbles!!! I have so many questions!!!!! All in all, this book is a work of art. I am absolutely mesmerized! Definitely going to purchase Delphine's other books! ”
  • “A mysterious page-turner. Some parts felt predictable (as a result of the blurb on the back of the book!) but some definitely were not. I really enjoyed the suspense, wondering what L would do next.”
  • Look what the post man brought. Must not get distracted from work....... @readinginheelsuk
  • katywoltonGot my first subscription box with @readinginheelsuk today, seriously impressed! @iamscentered @argentumapothecary
  • Excited to tuck into this fab box by @readinginheelsuk 😀
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