Who are we?

Well, we run another site – one you might have heard of: Running in Heels.

We love books. And we’d really like to read more. But somehow, every day/week/month just gets busier and we just make less time to read.

We’d LOVE to join a book club…

But when the day comes around, we’ve accidentally double-booked ourselves/got a deadline/it’s someone’s birthday or EVEN WORSE we’ve not actually managed to read the book.

We find it hard to find books to really get into…

Wander round bookshops and pick up thing that look amazing. Then they’re not. Spend ages reading Amazon reviews. Don’t agree with them once we’ve read the book. It doesn’t make you want to read more when you just don’t get into the books you’ve reading. WE WANT TO READ BOOKS WE LOVE!

We looked at a few book subscription services.

And honestly? We checked out the sites, looked at their Insta – and they just looked at bit rubbish. We wanted more.

We love post

What better feeling than getting an amazing box of goodies – AND a wonderful book you can’t wait to get reading? Yeah, it’s basically Christmas and your birthday EVERY MONTH. All other post will seem completely irrelevant.

We want to talk about books

Who doesn’t? You’ve read a book that you loved/hated/felt a little meh about and now you want to discuss it with other people who have read the same book. YES – meet the other Reading in Heels members.


Drop us an email and we’ll answer any questions you might have pronto. Ideas about things we should do? Wine we should drink with specific books? We want to know: hello@readinginheels.com.

Our Privacy Policy?

GBP? GPS? GDP? Want to read our Privacy Policy? It’s all here – your privacy matters to you, and to us! https://readinginheels.com/privacy-policy